Aloha & Mahalo to Jim Skarban and his Ohana for all you do for us!

You are our Blessings!

Just look at this wonderful space they helped us create for the dogs!

The Ranch at Maili

​The Hawaii S.P.C.A. shall act as a protective association primarily in the care and disposition of lost, strayed, or homeless animals.​ We are not affiliated with any other SPCA or Humane Organization

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  Immediate Shelter Needs:
  Cat Food 
Wet or Dry
  Dog Food Wet or Dry

  Cat Litter or Horse Stall Pellets, any brand 
  Cinder blocks - Always

  Pallets - Always
  Bricks & Patio Blocks
  10'×20' canopies

  Blue Tarps - All Sizes
  Cleaning Supplies:
            Laundry Soap
            Blue Dawn
            White Vinegar

            Isopropyl Alcohol
            Messy Kids N Pets Brand Cleaner
  Paper Towels
  Toilet Paper

  Treats & Toys for Cats & Dogs


Your donation$ ~ Our Hard work​!

In Progress!!!

The HSPCA Catio Project


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