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The Ranch at Maili

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​The Hawaii S.P.C.A. shall act as a protective association primarily in the care and disposition of lost, strayed, or homeless animals.​ We are not affiliated with any other SPCA or Humane Organization

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Immediate Shelter Needs:
Cat Food 
Wet or Dry
Dog Food Wet or Dry

Cat Litter, any brand 
Cinder blocks - Always

Pallets - Always
Bricks & Patio Blocks
A     10'×20' canopies

Blue Tarps - All Sizes
Cleaning Supplies:
            Laundry Soap
            Blue Dawn
            Floor Cleaner – Simple Green Works
            White Vinegar

            Isopropyl Alcohol
            Messy Kids N Pets Brand Spray 
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper

Treats & Toys for Cats & Dogs

Coming Soon....The HSPCA

Catio Project



Aloha & Mahalo to Jim Skarban and his Ohana for all you do for us!

You are our Blessings!

Just look at this wonderful space they helped us create for the dogs!