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​The Hawaii S.P.C.A. shall act as a protective association primarily in the care and disposition of lost, strayed, or homeless animals.​ We are not affiliated with any other SPCA or Humane Organization

The Hawaii SPCA - Address:  87-120 Kaukamana Road. 
DO NOT GPS!!  please follow these Directions: 
Take H1 West to where it turns into Farrington Hwy and keep going into Maili.   
Turn right on St. Johns Rd.  It will end at a private property.  You can only go left at this point.  This is Kaukamana Rd. 
Turn left and go approximately 3 farm Lots or blocks.  On the left you will see an old horse pasture with a two story yellow house with brown trim in a fenced yard.  This is the home of The Hawaii SPCA.

The neighbors and land owners have been working hard to clear the land surrounding us, and across from us, of junk and abandoned vehicles so please do not be alarmed at appearance of our humble country ranch. The area is changing for the better :-) We are very pleased! 

Spay & Neuter Hawaii and the Hawaii SPCA are located in Maili, Waianae on Kaukamana Road - Follow the directions! DO NOT GPS!

Services offered are as follows:


Canine/Dog Spay/Neuter, Rabbit Spay/Neuter, Exotic Spay/Neuter, Feline/Cat Spay/Neuter Includes:

  • Spay or Neuter Surgery
  • Microchip Implantation
  • Pain medication for three days
  • and an Antibiotic administered Pre-surgery

Add on services are listed below and can be easily added to your shopping cart. Payments are processed through PayPal where you may use your PayPal balance or your credit card.

Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Baby Tooth Extraction (per tooth charge), Dog Dangling Dew Claw Removal - $25 Each (please add the one time $35 Bandage Charge), Bandage Dew Claw - one time charge