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​The Hawaii S.P.C.A. shall act as a protective association primarily in the care and disposition of lost, strayed, or homeless animals.​ We are not affiliated with any other SPCA or Humane Organization

Who we are...

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The Hawaii S.P.C.A. is a 501(c)(3) recognized Charity serving the Island of Oahu, Hawaii and other regions to which the Hawaii S.P.C.A. is contracted.

Our Mission is to reduce the number of healthy animals euthanized in Hawaii by implementing successful adoption programs and aggressive spay/neuter programs and by promoting responsible pet ownership in addition to many other highly successful programs to reduce euthanasia rates and increase public education and support Statewide. We shall promote and advance humane and protective care and treatment of animals by positive community interaction through education, spay-neuter programs and other activities that enable people of all ages and in all circumstances to enjoy animal companionship. We shall act as a protective association primarily in the care and disposition of lost, strayed, or homeless dogs and cats, and as incident thereto, shall maintain shelter for such animals and operate the same.

Patrick & Kathleen Miller have worked privately in the Hawaii rescue community for over 20 years. They have earned the respect of their colleagues through hard work and dedication. From business colleagues to friends surveyed, Pat & Kat have what it takes to make this Shelter extremely successful. They will count on their reputation to exceed expectations while continuously establishing an active client base.

The Hawaii SPCA has a vision to be a Model of Innovative, Compassionate Animal Sheltering 

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Our Vision is: To operate a cost-effective model of animal sheltering that allows us to be an open admission animal control shelter that will save all healthy and treatable animals. To implement a series of  transformative, comprehensive programs and services  with integrity.

TNR Program: Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) programs for free-living cats will allow The Hawaii SPCA to reduce death rates. We support the No Kill philosophy as a humane, sustainable, cost-effective model that works hand in hand with public health and safety, while fulfilling a fiscal responsibility to taxpayers.

High-Volume, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter: The Hawaii SPCA will promote and support No- and low-cost, high-volume spay/neuter which reduces the number of animals entering the shelter system, allowing more resources to be allocated toward saving lives.

Rescue Groups: The Hawaii SPCA will work with other rescue groups to enable an adoption or transfer to a rescue group which in turn frees up scarce cage and kennel space, reduces expenses for feeding, cleaning, and killing, and improves a community’s rate of lifesaving. Because millions of dogs and cats are killed in shelters annually, rare is the circumstance in which a rescue group should be denied an animal.

Foster Care: Foster care is a low-cost, and often no-cost way of increasing a shelter’s capacity, caring for sick and injured or behaviorally challenged animals, and thus saving more lives.

Comprehensive Adoption Programs: Adoptions are vital to an agency’s lifesaving mission. The quantity and quality of shelter adoptions is in shelter management’s hands, making lifesaving a direct function of shelter policies and practice. The Hawaii SPCA will put in place better promotion of our animals and implementation of adoption programs that are responsive to community needs, including public access hours for working people, offsite adoptions, adoption incentives, and effective marketing. This type of promotion will increase the visibility of the number of homes available and replace killing with adoptions. Contrary to conventional wisdom, shelters can adopt their way out of killing.

Pet Retention: While some surrenders of animals to shelters are unavoidable, others can be prevented. The Hawaii SPCA will work with people/the public to help them solve their problems. Saving animals requires shelters to develop innovative strategies for keeping people and their companion animals together. And the more a community sees The Hawaii SPCA as a place to turn for advice and assistance, the easier this job will be.

Medical & Behavior Programs: To meet its commitment to a lifesaving guarantee for all savable animals, The Hawaii SPCA needs to keep animals happy and healthy and keep animals moving efficiently through the system. To do this, The Hawaii SPCA will put in place comprehensive vaccination, handling, cleaning, socialization, and care policies before animals get sick and rehabilitative efforts for those who come in sick, injured, un-weaned, or traumatized.

Public Relations/Community Development: Increasing adoptions, maximizing donations, recruiting volunteers and partnering with community agencies comes down to increasing the Hawaii SPCA’s public exposure. And that means consistent marketing and public relations. Public relations and marketing are the foundation of a shelter’s activities and success.

Volunteers: Volunteers are The Hawaii SPCA’s dedicated “army of compassion” and the backbone of a successful No Kill effort. Volunteers make the difference between success and failure and, for the animals, life and death.

Proactive Redemptions: This is one of the most overlooked areas for reducing killing in animal control shelters. Shifting from a passive to a more proactive approach of animal redemption will allow The Hawaii SPCA to return a large percentage of lost animals to their families.

A Compassionate Director: The final element of The Hawaii SPCA is the most important of all, without which all other elements are thwarted—a hardworking, compassionate animal control or shelter director not content to continue killing, while regurgitating tired clichés about “public irresponsibility” or hiding behind the myth of “too many animals, not enough homes.”

Fundraising: The Hawaii SPCA will fundraise including but not limited to the following methods: Direct letters of inquiry, Grant Writing, Fundraising Events and Direct Solicitation either on the phone, through mailings or at public gatherings. We will in no way and at no time, collect funds in a manner that does not comply with our designated 501c3 charity status.

Achieving our mission of saving all companion animals lives is not complicated, but it does require replacing the traditional model of animal sheltering which is passive, complacent and plagued by convenience killing, with a proactive, can-do attitude and work ethic that rejects killing. The programs of the No Kill Equation require dedication and effort and for this reason, are sometimes portrayed by the traditional sheltering establishment as “controversial.” They are not. They are simple procedures that Americans would be shocked to learn shelters are not already doing. 

The Hawaii SPCA No Kill Shelter is more Cost-Effective than Killing*
The Hawaii SPCA’s policy will reduce costs associated with killing, enhance community support, increase user fees such as adoption revenues, and brings in additional tax revenues. (Spending on companion animals is one of the mainstays of the American economy). On average, Americans spend approximately $1,696 per dog and $1,105 per cat annually.

* According to figures based on averages calculated from the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, Bloomberg Report, and others.

Consistent with Public Safety
Since the Hawaii SPCA does not mandate that truly vicious dogs and irremediably ill/injured animals be adopted, it is consistent with public health and safety.

Our State's Homeless Animals Deserve Better.

In short, The Hawaii SPCA is a humane, sustainable, cost-effective model that works hand in hand with public safety while reflecting the compassionate, animal-loving values of the American people