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Our Mission at The Hawaii SPCA in Maili-Waianae is to provide care, comfort and compassion to animals in need while engaging the hearts, hands and minds of our community to bring about the end to the killing of abandoned and orphaned shelter animals.

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your Three Mandatory forms and kennel label can be downloaded below

Please  fill out, print  & sign then bring to the event.


Great job on choosing NOT to litter and Fix your Critter!!!!

To the right you will see the button links to our address and directions (we are in Maili, Waianae) along with all of the the client/patient paperwork to download and print at your convenience. Please do one set of forms for each fur kid. 

There is also an updated wish list as we have plenty to fix ourselves at the "P&K" Ranch, the new home for the all new "Hawaii SPCA". If you have any of these items available please send them along or drop off at the event! Mahalo nui loa and we look forward to seeing you and your kid(s)! 

Please read thoroughly! ---->



Great job registering to fix your critter(s) with Spay and Neuter Hawaii!!! We’ve received your registration info to spay/neuter your pet or animal. Thank you so much for being responsible and choosing to fix your critter(s)! You can find the forms you need to turn in when dropping off your furry kid here

Please do one set of forms for each fur kid. This should include the three forms listed as mandatory. Please fill out thoroughly and sign where indicated. If your kid is already chipped, we can be added as a secondary in case you cannot be reached. In that case, we would either pick up your animal or contact you to go get them or both.

Please use the map provided on the website and DO NOT GPS or you will be sent to the wrong house!
We are located in Maili, Waianae on Kaukamana Road, large, two story yellow Ranch House with brown trim. We took this location over from our Veterinarian when she moved her practice. Country living!
We are constantly under construction to better things for our animals at The Ranch so please pardon the materials in the yard. We are also always open to volunteers helping us stay organized and getting the next project completed. Please ask Pat or Kat how you can be a part of that if you are interested!

On the night before the surgery:
Dogs and Cats: NO FOOD for at least 6 hours prior to drop off. Water can be given.
Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, and other exotics: DO NOT FAST. ** Please line the cages for these small animals with newspaper or other intact linings as shavings and loose bedding can promote infection. Put Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, and other exotics  in kennel with their food and water in the cage with them.
Please also note that our Veterinarian, Dr Sabina Di Giacomo, recommends your animal NOT have vaccinations within 3 days prior to or after spay or neuter. This is to ensure there is no adverse reaction between the vaccine and the anesthesia. Please let us know if your animal has any special needs when booking or checking in (for example: one testicle, deaf, separation anxiety, dog aggressive, etc.).

FOR YOUR PETS' SAFETY, NO SOFT SIDED OR BAG CARRIERS ARE ALLOWED. Rabbits should be in hard sided carriers as well, no extra large hutches as space is at a minimum.


Rabbits and Exotics ONLY: 8am – 9am.
NO DOGS at this time please! We don't want to scare the little ones!

Cats ONLY: 10am – 11am.
NO DOGS at this time either please!

Dogs: 12noon - 1pm
LARGE and LARGER DOGS (over 30 pounds): Please bring your kennel and paperwork inside first, we can set up their kennel inside and then walk them in. Small animals can remain in their kennels.
If you are dropping off a cat or other animals along with a dog, please arrive between 12noon - 1pm
Pick up times vary due to a multitude of variables, including how long it takes for your animal(s) to wake up. Please do not ask for an estimated time, it is impossible to estimate. We want your kids to be fully awake and safe before we send them home, everyone metabolizes the medications a little differently. We will call you to let you know when your animal is awake and ready to go home.

The event surgeries will go all day and they will spend the day with, there are many variables to consider. I cannot always answer texts, calls or emails during clinic so please do not contact us unless it is urgent. We will call you as soon as your kid is up and ready to go home. We do not close and we do not board overnight.

Each animal must be brought with their own wire or plastic kennel, crate, or carrier. Carriers must be hard plastic or wire; FOR YOUR PETS' SAFETY, NO SOFT SIDED OR BAG CARRIERS ARE ALLOWED. Multiple animals in one carrier are also not allowed. Feral cats must be in a HUMANE TRAP. Please adhere to these guidelines or your visit will have to be rescheduled.

Please use the kennel label provided for each kennel with your animal's name, gender and species, and your name and phone number. If you bring multiple animals, please add each animal's name(s) to each label. This way we can call as soon as ALL kids that came together are awake.

Please check in with ONLY the "Spay Neuter Consent-Registration" the "Microchip Registration" and the "Controlled Substance" forms filled out and signed as well as your animals kennel labeled. The two other City & County forms are for you to keep and turn in to the proper agency or wherever you might need. The Post Op Microchip instructions are for care after the surgery.

Payment is due at registration unless you have made other arrangements with Kat in advance:
$35 for cats and $70 for dogs, rabbits, and other exotic or small companion animals*. This is a flat fee and covers anesthesia, surgery for spay or neuter, micro-chip (if your animal does not already have one), pre-surgery antibiotics, and take home pain medication. We accept cash, check, credit cards and Care Credit as forms of payment.

We require at least 48 hours’ notice if you must reschedule your appointment so we can offer it to someone else. No refund will be issued if you do not notify us within two days or less. Your fee may be forfeited for other reasons besides late cancellation. Please contact Kat if you have questions about this or anything else related to our services.

Visit us at to print your paperwork for the clinic and read about our vision for the future of pet sheltering in Hawaii. Please consider becoming a monthly sponsor for the Hawaii SPCA, Maili Waianae, it's easy to sign up through PayPal and costs less than a cup of designer coffee to help us feed and care for the animals in our loving care! Guaranteed to make you feel better too!!! Just click the PayPal button at the top of our website and PayPal Giving Fund will help you do the rest. Safe and secure, cancel at any time. We receive 100% of all funds donated thru the PayPal Giving Fund.

Mahalo nui loa and have a great day!

Kat Miller
Spay and Neuter Hawaii
Mamakitty's House
Hawaii No Kill Advocacy
The Hawaii SPCA
* we are not affiliated with any other SPCA or other rescue group.