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Foster based rescues on Oahu need your help!

There are more homeless dogs than there are foster families at the moment, which is putting a freeze on intake for rescues Island-wide.

There is an outreach group called Aloha Animal Outreach that works with foster based animal rescues to get dogs off the street and into good homes. It is during their outreach events that most of the dogs are surrendered or rescued from a life on the streets.

The animal rescues need fosters to be able to assist with the intake of these homeless pets. You can make a difference by becoming a foster family for a dog (or cat) in need!


For more information about the many rescues in need of fosters, please check out the direct links below to these amazing animal rescue pages!


Aloha Animal Outreach

Aloha Animal Outreach works with foster based rescues to help the dogs we rescue or are surrendered to us during our outreach work in the community, into good homes.


Foster an animal for
Paws of Hawaii

We are a foster based organization. We work primarily in the homeless areas/camps of O’ahu, helping to care for, take in and adopt out the animals in need.


Foster an animal for
Rescue Kitties of Hawaii

Help Us Save Lives!

Rescue Kitties of Hawai’i is a very small group of dedicated, hardworking volunteers who work around the clock to save the most critical kitties in medical need on the island of Oahu. Everyday we are pulling sick, injured, tortured, cats in dire need of help and urgent medical care

FAF logo.png

Foster an animal for
Fur-Angel Foundation

Fur-Angel Foundation and Oahu's homeless dogs desperately need your help. Each day we are turning away calls to take in abandoned dogs because we just do not have enough qualified fosters. If you are committed to providing a safe and loving home to one of our fur-riends, please connect with us today! 


Foster an animal for
Poi Dogs & Popoki

Fosters are the heart and soul of our nonprofit. Home-based foster programs are a much more positive place to care for animals who have been abused or neglected or need socialization or medical care.


Foster an animal for
Lucky Paws Foundation

Without fostering, there can be no rescue. Open your home to a kitty in need.


Foster an animal for
Hawaii Dog Foundation

Fostering is a great way to give back to our community without the forever obligation of caring for a pet! If you've ever wondered about fostering or have been interested but don't have the information, look no further!

HFD Logo.png

Foster an animal for
Hope for Dogs Rescue

Our motto is "There is a perfect forever home for every dog". We presently do not have a physical facility so while they are in our care, our dogs will be in foster homes where they will be socialized and rehabilitated to get ready for their forever homes.


Foster an animal for
KAT Charities

KAT Charities is a non-profit born out of a dream to unite children with disabilities and animals with caring, loving people. We believe when people help animals, the animals help the people. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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